Due to the nature of my work

I’m often the last link of an outsourcing chain with limited or no contact with an end client. Most of the credit for projects tends to fall to those who outsource to myself so names of projects below are not public but can be revealed privately.

The below list is provided to give you a better idea of the type of systems that I can develop. Proof of development is easily produced with self-hosted versions of live projects.

Please also note that technology or CMS used is not always up to my recommendation.

Connecting casting agents and talent

DCX, is a platform to bring Casting Agents and Talent together. Casting Agents can search the database of talent using a granular search system to find the right people – filtering Talent from gender to hair colour. Casting Agents would compile a talent shortlist and invite them to casting calls. Talent could sign up and manage their account, similar to LinkedIn they could add their work history but with additional features to upload Media, photo galleries and videos.

International real estate

NSX, a multi-language real estate website for property listings in Japan with an international focus for investment. The site had a custom built admin interface for managing properties. The customised backend allowed the staff to add property listings in multiple languages and generate reports. Users of the website had advanced search options and listing display customisations.

Complex Booking system

KDX, a service for parents to sign their children up to after school dance classes for kindergarten age ranges. Franchisees could manage their school locations and staff at each location. The staff or Teachers would be able to manage their individual class times and attendees (The children). Parents are able to enrol their children into classes and pay online.

Property listings for a fee

WPX is a real estate listing website with a global focus, offering property managers the ability to sign up and list their own properties on the website for a small fee. The property managers were given multiple options to customise the properties listings to their region and currency. Website managers had the ability to manage the listings of all property managers, generate coupons for discount listings as well as create banner advertisements to show on the site.